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(London Ontario)Askher Releases studio album “Favourite Things” with a release show at Eastside Bar on March 10.


The multi layered album by London, Ontario band “Askher" is a mix of genres offering an edgy insight into our daily human experience. The brainchild of singer/songwriter Lori Girard, Askher the band has come a long way over the past few years. They have grown into a close-knit collaboration in which all its members bring years of experience and a strong passion for good songs to the table. The new album is rock heavy with hints of blues, country, and savory poetry that you can sink your teeth into.


The record is a collection of songs new and old that Girard hand-picked and took to producer Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in late 2016.  It’s a bold follow up to the singer’s first album, and is rich with lyrics that were written in moments of passion and pain, pulling from real life changing events.


“My debut album, ‘Askher’, was just me and my producer, so it was a very different experience. I started playing with the band in 2015 and “Favourite Things “ quickly became a shared passion for all of us. They weren’t just my songs anymore, they became ours. As we figured out our sound, the guys wrote and rewrote their parts on stages and in the practice room until we were left with beautiful things we built together,"  says Girard.


The Album features Joe Piotrowski on electric guitar, Ryan Cruickshank on bass, Warren Stinson on the drums and features backing vocals from Jennifer Reid.  The tracks “It’ll Be Okay” and “Icarus” were ideas brought to the band by Joe and then developed together.   Both these strong songs add musical depth and along with Girard’s emotional delivery hint at where the band's sound might be headed in the future.


Lori describes her songwriting as “her self help manual” and you can hear what she means in her lyrics and honest reflection in songs like “Unspill the Wine” and her gutsy expression of disdain in the track “Care Less”.  She draws from intimate experiences like a poem her partner wrote that became the lyrics to “Icarus”, and the true story of a murder in “The Snowman Song” (you can hear her niece’s voice at the end of the track).


The London based songwriter takes us on a journey of her own observations and personal discovery, adding humour and candor in her willingness to express herself with no reservations. There’s even some clever clues in her titles, and if you want to know more about that, well, just Askher.

The band plays East Side Bar on March 10th at 10pm to celebrate the release of the album with the event catch phrase “Your favourite things are worth the wait," and they certainly are.

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