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An official music video by local musician/teacher is set to be released on Valentine's day. The video for Askher's touching song Umbrella featuring folks from London's trans community is sure to warm hearts.

Being trans is no walk in the park. It can be a terrifying crawl through the darkest, most soul crushing regions this world has to offer. Loving a person in transition can also be a treacherous journey for parents, siblings, relatives, partners; basically anyone in their lives. I have learned that with time, counselling, community support, and for me: music, there can be sunny days, smiles, rainbows and love.

“My name is Lori Girard.  I'm a singer songwriter who’s been performing for more than 20 years in London Ontario, Canada.  Also, for most of those years, I’ve been a French and English teacher in St Thomas. For 17 years, I have been the teacher-advisor for a Gay Straight Alliance at Central Elgin Collegiate lending my support, increasing education and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.  For as long as I can remember, I've identified as bisexual but I never fully came out until I met my partner almost a decade ago.

Despite my long history of advocacy and understanding, I was not prepared when three years into our relationship, my fiancé, Mayson explained that he is trans.  We were both completely blindsided by my mourning. To cope, I turned to music and wrote Umbrella.  My band Askheragreed to record it and put it on our album Favorite Thingsin 2017. When we perform it live, it is clear that the song resonates.  Umbrellahelped me evolve from mourning to acceptance so that my love for Mayson could be as authentic as he is. In 2017, we married.”

The official music video for Umbrella was directed and edited by filmmaker, photographer: Nicole Coenen, a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who has a passion for creating Queer content. The video not only features Mayson, Lori and Askher but also folks from the trans community in London and their allies. Leading members of Pride London, PFLAG, Queer Events and more also make cameos throughout the video.

Transition looks and feels different for every person involved. Not all relationships can survive but some can. For those who are experiencing difficulties accepting and understanding themselves or their loved ones, the folks in the Umbrella video exemplify that there is hope, love can win and you are not alone.

Please help us get the word out that trans love is human love and share our video on Valentine’s day with #translove

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